Press Room

Thank you for your interest in Charter Schools USA. We know how important it is for news media to reach appropriate parties for news stories in a timely manner and we always strive to assist in the most efficient way possible. In order to meet your deadline, it is best to contact our public relations counselor directly. Accredited in public relations, she understands the need for quick and accurate responses and will connect you with the appropriate spokesperson for your story based on the content of your story. Our public relations counselor is on call 24/7.

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Media contact: Colleen Reynolds, APR – Edge Communications

Media contact tips:

If you are on deadline, please attempt to reach Colleen Reynolds at all three contact points above. If you must leave a message on voice mail or email, please give a brief summary of what you need and your deadline.

Please do not bring cameras onto school grounds without permission. We have strict privacy policies and must protect the identity of all of our students. If you need footage of students, we will obtain appropriate photo releases.

If you are invited to a school function, please be certain all members of your crew have a valid driver’s license. All visitors must be screened prior to entering the school.

Please be aware that student privacy is protected by state and federal laws. We will always assist in helping you understand various situations, but we cannot ever discuss individual student issues – even if parents of the student have chosen to discuss issues with the media.