Education Model

At CSUSA we have clearly defined, high standards for academic excellence, personal growth and social development incorporated into our curriculum, across all grades.

These standards address the content that we expect our students to master as well as the skills they need to acquire in order to be productive members of our local and global society. Those skills include problem solving and critical thinking – areas where U.S. public school students fall alarmingly far behind their international peers.

We assess performance of our students against objective measures and constantly use the data to inform further instruction.

CSUSA’s Education Model is based on the following:

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ACCREDITATION | CSUSA is the first education management organization in the nation to receive full system-wide accreditation through AdvancED.

TARGETED INSTRUCTION | Improvement requires an understanding of what is working and what is not – at the individual student level.

RESEARCH-BASED EDUCATIONAL STRATEGIES | Our philosophy is that every child can learn given the appropriate learning tools and relevant teaching strategies.

OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS | When all factors are considered, the teacher has the single, greatest impact on a child’s development. This is why attracting and retaining the finest educators is a top priority for CSUSA.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT | Recognizing the role the family plays in a child’s academic and social development, we engage parents in the learning process.Parents contribute at least 20 hours of service to their school every year.

WELL-ROUNDED STUDENTS | Superior educational models recognize the importance of developing the whole child with parental involvement. CSUSA’s curriculum also incorporates a character development  program.