2015 Summit

Living the How

In August 2015, CSUSA hosted 7 regional Summits throughout the country. At each event CSUSA teachers and staff celebrated the past year’s successes and were inspired to “Live the How” both inside and outside the classroom. The major message of the Summit was built around the four new values adopted by CSUSA. They are Purpose, Passion, Integrity and Grit. The Summit theme was based on a book HOW; Why How We Do Anything Means Everything, by renowned author and speaker Dov Seidman. Attendees were also treated to a keynote speech delivered by Mr. Seidman. Please watch some of the Summit videos below to see examples of our values from our schools.

Summit Videos

CSUSA Values

Jon and Sherry Hage share CSUSA’s Four Values


PurposeDuval Charter Scholars Academy


Magnolia School of Excellence, Shreveport Louisiana

Grit - Harris Brown

Harris Brown’s Story from TC Howe

Grit - Coral Springs Softball

Coral Springs Charter Wins Title

Learn about Grace

800_2528Grace Underwood, 2013/14 New American Hero Winner

Student News Team

800_2528Bonita Springs News Team opens Summit

Student News Mid Day

800_2528Bonita springs Gator News at noon.

Summit Sponsors

800_2528A thanks to our 2015 summit sponsors

New Schools

800_2528CSUSA New Schools for 2015


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