2014 Summit


Great by Choice

This past August, CSUSA hosted 9 regional summits throughout the country. At each event CSUSA teachers and staff celebrated the past year’s successes and were inspired to be Great by Choice both inside and outside the classroom. The major initiatives presented at each summit were focus on the fundamentals, drive toward the goals, build a team, and make a difference. The summit theme, Great by Choice, was based on a book by renowned author Jim Collins.


Summit Speakers

Jay Wheeler

800_2528Member of Osceola County School Board and FCCS Board of Trustees

T. Willard Fair

800_2528President and CEO of Urban League of Greater Miami

Ulysses Gene Thibodeaux

800_2528Chairman of the Board of Trustees – LCCA, SWLCA, LCCP

Frank Biden

800_2528Director of the Florida Charter School Alliance

Dr. Beth Purvis

800_2528CEO of Chicago International Charter School (CICS)

Student Success Stories

Jeffrey and Heather

800_2528Student and Mother from Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana
Kissimmee, FL

Dr. Pamela Quebodeaux and Joseph

800_2528Principal and Student from Lake Charles Charter Academy
Lake Charles, LA

Tammy and Colin

800_2528Mother of Student from Emma Donnan Middle School
Indianapolis, IN

School Success Stories

Changing the Culture


JROTC – Building Leaders


Congratulations from Governor Jeb Bush


Interviews with Teachers and Principals

Emmerich Manual Principal


Coweta Charter Principal


Emmerich Manual Teacher


CICS Lloyd Bond Director


Chickasaw Trail Principal


CICS Longwood Principal


The System Wide Initiatives

  • Focus on the Fundamentals – Disciplined Innovation
    Let’s all employ fanatical discipline in implementing the CSUSA’s SMaC recipe! Track the results of the disciplined innovations you are implementing in your classroom and your school by collecting empirical evidence on their effectiveness. That way the entire network can benefit from what you are learning.
  • Drive Toward the Goals – Beat the Odds
    Drive toward the goals that have been outlined in your school’s strategic plan. Monitor your progress and make sure that you implement with fanatical discipline your 20 mile march toward student success. Let’s help Students beat the odds!
  • Build the Team – 10Xers
    Every single one of us is capable of 10X results.  Remember that by creating an environment where we take care of each other, we enable these results in ourselves and others.  Make sure that you take advantage of every professional development opportunity and settle for nothing less than being your best and encourage your students to do the same.
  • Make a Difference – Changed Lives
    As educators, we have a powerful opportunity to change lives.  Remember even when the going is tough, you can make a difference every single day in the lives of your students. Teach your students to be the kind of individuals who also make a difference in their world.

View the photos from each of our summits

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