Magnolia School of Excellence Partners with Cyber Innovation Center

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For Immediate Release – January 25, 2019
Magnolia School of Excellence Partners with Cyber Innovation Center
Education and Innovation Partnership in North Louisiana School

SHREVEPORT, La (Jan. 25, 2019) –National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC), an Academic Division of the Cyber Innovation Center, has partnered with Magnolia School of Excellence in order to prepare students for future jobs, higher education, and innovation.

The memo of understanding (MOU) between NICERC and Magnolia School of Excellence was put together through the hard work of leadership teams at both NICERC and the charter school. The MOU reinforces the collaboration that will benefit the students, teachers, and the community. Now, students at Magnolia School of Excellence will have the opportunity to graduate with a Cyber Scholar designation.

Located in the North Louisiana Cyber Corridor, the school administrative team recognized the need to develop and graduate future Cyber Scholars. Located along the I-20 innovation corridor, the school will work with local industry as well to promote cyber science career opportunities.

To start off 2019, NICERC provided a full-day training workshop in early January for teachers at Magnolia School of Excellence which showcased the Cyber Interstate and introduced teachers to project-driven, hands-on curricula, projects, and technology that provides new, innovative ways to engage students in the classroom, as well as introduce students to potential cyber & STEM career fields. Brandon Salley, science teacher at Magnolia School of Excellence serves on the RACE committee at NICERC and is excited about expanding the cyber curriculum at the high school for 2019-2020 school year.

Serving as an anchor of Louisiana’s Cyber Corridor, the Cyber Innovation Center and its National Cyber Research Park in Bossier City, Louisiana, provides a physical location for government, industry, and academia to collaborate, conduct leading research, and develop state-of-the-art technologies.

CIC’s professional development workshops are designed to empower teachers with hands-on training, as well as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and cyber resources, so they can then transform the classroom into a 21st century learning environment. This philosophy enables teachers to connect STEM and cyber concepts in the classrooms to potential technology-focused career paths in the future. The partnership between NICERC and the Magnolia of School of Excellence will provide the students of today with an opportunity to preview and prepare for first-hand the careers of tomorrow.

Upon completion of the CIC’s professional development workshops, teachers obtain access to teacher manuals, student manuals and other curriculum materials to enrich the learning experience in the classroom. The CIC curriculum will be fully implemented with Magnolia School of Excellence 5th through 12th grade students with enrichment focused lessons in the early elementary grades.

“Professional development programs for K-12 teachers enable them to foster creativity and innovation in students through problem-solving, critical thinking and communication,” said Kevin Nolten, director of academic outreach for the Cyber Innovation Center. “Today’s student receives information far differently than those of yesterday. Our responsibility as educators is to ensure we are preparing students with the hard and soft skills necessary to fill 21st century jobs.”

“Partnerships with organizations like Charter School USA are critical to educating the next generation cyber-literate workforce. Teachers are the key to a systemic and sustainable change in education; by ensuring teachers have the resources, curricula and training, we stand to make monumental impact among students,” continued Nolten.

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