Army of choice parents is growing in strength

The Florida Parent Network, the Florida Charter School Alliance and Charter Schools USA created a new partnership that promises to strengthen the army of the parental empowerment movement. 


Catherine Durkin Robinson notes, “In other states, the movement is often splintered between those who advocate for private school scholarships and those who support charter schools – and, for that matter, those who take advantage of other educational options. This agreement signals that Florida is taking a different path.”

 To date, the Parent Network has drawn primarily from those who choose three different private school scholarships that last year served 139,00 students with economic disadvantage and special needs. FPN has now joined forces with charter schools, which 280,000 students chose last year.What we have found is that traditional associations such as the PTA give voice to parents whose children are thriving in district neighborhood schools. Those same groups can’t easily connect with parents who make other choices. The PTA no doubt sincerely believes in its historic mission “to advocate for all children,” but its members explicitly reject most of the modern-day options that parents across this state are now freely choosing. Last year, according to state Department of Education data, 46 percent of students in PreK-12 chose something other than their district-assigned neighborhood school.


Their voices must be heard as well. Click here to read more about this united movement from redefinED.



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